Common sense about the role of probiotics


People are always on the lookout for bacteria, but there's one type of bacteria that's not only mostly harmless, but actually good for you. They're gut protectors called probiotics. Here's what they do.

Common sense about the role of probiotics ( News 第1张

Probiotics are a group of beneficial intestinal bacteria that can protect the human body from germs. Currently, probiotics are believed to be divided into three types: Lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and Gram-positive cocci. Under normal conditions, the probiotics in the intestine compete with the pathogenic bacteria invading the intestine to achieve a healthy balance of the human body. Probiotics have been used to treat and prevent intestinal diseases in developed countries such as Europe and Japan, based on the findings that probiotics are effective against a variety of intestinal bacteria.

In addition to helping fight bacterial diseases in the gut, probiotics are useful in several ways. First, probiotics can relieve the symptoms of lactose intolerance. So-called lactose intolerance, is due to the lack of lactase, part of the human body naturally result in drink milk, not metabolism of lactose in milk, the result often lead to diarrhea, and the population accounts for about half of the population of the world, in Asia and especially in our country, seriously affected the people eating the milk nutritious food. Probiotics help the body metabolize lactose and reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

In addition, some studies have confirmed that Lactobacillus can break down cholesterol, reduce the absorption of triglycerides, and help reduce blood lipids. In recent years, experiments have confirmed that bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus can prevent the synthesis and absorption of nitrite substances in the intestine, which are the primary risk substances leading to bowel cancer. Therefore, probiotics can prevent intestinal malignant tumors. Lactobacillus can metabolize lactose to produce a large number of lactic acid, the latter can give out all intestinal peristalsis, as soon as possible to eliminate the home stool, prevent intestinal absorption of harmful substances, prevent intestinal tumors. There are also studies on probiotics to prevent ultraviolet radiation and other radiation, and it has been found that probiotics can also improve the body's tolerance to radiation, prevent side effects caused by radiation therapy, and prevent various radiation sickness.

To improve the level of probiotics in your body, you can take a variety of probiotic foods orally, such as yoghurt and yoghurt that contain probiotics. You can also take a variety of oral solutions, tablets, and capsules that contain probiotics. In order to facilitate the growth of probiotics, you can take oligosaccharides, which can promote the reproduction of probiotics and play the role of curing probiotics. Common foods rich in oligosaccharides are beans, Onions, garlic, asparagus and so on.

In conclusion, probiotics have many functions and are beneficial to human body. It is recommended to supplement and maintain probiotics in daily life to promote intestinal health and keep away from diseases.