What does silymarin side effect have?


I believe that if we talk about the treatment of liver disease in our life, we will usually talk about silymarin, because silymarin plays a very important role in the resistance and treatment of liver, but in fact, it also has certain side effects, so let's learn about the side effects of silymarin.

What does silymarin side effect have? ( News 第1张

Silymarin side effects

Silymarin itself has certain toxicity, so it is more important that it is not suitable for the treatment of acute liver poisoning in life, and must be used reasonably to prevent some adverse harm caused by improper use of medicine in life.

Silymarin, it as a kind of common disease of the liver medication method, it has a good prevention effect on liver damage, it is more suitable for treatment of chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver and so on, this kind of situation he can for the liver cell membranes have a relatively good stability effect, avoid the loss of soluble cell components, can also penetrate some toxic substances, It penetrates into the cells, so it's good for people with liver disease, especially chronic people, to use it.

Silymarin, it is a low-toxicity drug, but everyone knows that it is a drug, if you take a large amount of silymarin for a long time, it will do some harm, and it is more used to treat chronic liver diseases.

Silymarin side effects are relatively few, but it has its applicable symptoms, if he is not appropriate to use, usually also easy to cause some damage to the body, so it is best to follow the doctor's advice.