How to take DHA nutrition correctly?



Taking method

In the  fish oil DHA product, DHA is in the form of fat and is absorbed in the intestines with the help of bile. After EATING to CONTAIN PROTEIN AND ADIPOSE MUCH FOOD commonly, JUST can PASS THE NERVE reflex ON GASTROINTESTINAL MUCOSA TO CAUSE bILIARY secretion. Therefore, pregnant women should eat eggs, fish, tofu and other food, take these nutrients, so that absorption is sufficient.

Take the time

1, fish oil DHA products

Second to third trimester (after 20 weeks of gestation) - within 6 months after birth.

In general, fish oil DHA products are most effective in the second and third trimester (after 20 weeks of gestation) to the first 6 months after birth.

At this stage, the neurons in the fetal brain center divide and mature fastest, and the demand for DHA is greatest. After the baby is born, the mother can now continue to take DHA and feed it to the fetus through breast milk.

2, A-linolenic acid nutrition

Third trimester (after 28 weeks of gestation) to 6 months after birth.

The best time to supplement A-linolenic acid nutrition is in the third trimester (after 28 weeks of gestation) to the first 6 months after the birth of the fetus, because at this stage, the mother can use A-linolenic acid in the blood to synthesize DHA, and then through the blood or milk delivery to the fetus. When the child is over 6 months old, the oil can be squeezed into formula milk and shaken, and fed directly to the baby.

If the fetus is born early, rather than at full term, there is not enough time for the mother to make enough DHA in the same way.

In such premature infants, the maturity of brain pyramidal cells and retinal light sensing cells is poor, and there will be different degrees of impairment in intelligence and vision. Therefore, in 1993, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) put forward an expert recommendation on DHA supplementation for premature infants. It is clearly suggested that in order to protect the normal development of premature infants' vision, premature infants should be given 40 mg DHA per kilogram of body weight every day immediately from birth.

In other words, a premature infant with a birth weight of 2.5 kg should receive 100 mg of DHA per day. Later progress weight increases along WITH time, PRESS ACTUAL WEIGHT at that TIME again, with every KILOGRAM WEIGHT supplement 40 milligRAM DHA calculation, IT IS no LONGER WHEN be BORN EVERY day FILL 100 milligram, WANT TO BE higher than 100 milligram however. It takes at least 40 weeks to get the vision of a preterm baby to the normal level of vision of a full-term baby.

Since the fetus in the last 3 months of the mother's pregnancy, you can use the mother's blood in A linolenic acid containing their own DHA, so, the mother in the pregnancy, especially the last 3 months of pregnancy, should eat some walnuts containing A linolenic acid more hard fruit. Of course, it is more reliable to supplement DHA directly from fish oil DHA supplements.

However, because DHA exists in the form of fat in the "brain gold" nutrient, after eating in the duodenum to rely on the help of bile and water emulsification into emulsion, can be absorbed by duodenum and jejunum. However, bile is not discharged into the duodenum 24 hours a day, but discharged 11 times intermittently for three to five minutes each time.

Eating THE FOOD THAT CONTAINS PROTEIN MUCH COMMONLY, THE SENSORY NERVE ON GASTRIC MUCOSA WAS STIMULATED INSIDE THE STOMACH, THROUGH THE CONNECTION OF NERVE REFLEX ARC, CAUSE GALLBLADDER CONTRACTION TO DISCHARGE BILE SWEAT TO THE duoDENUM. Therefore, pregnant women in eating DHA containing "brain gold" nutritional products, should eat milk, soy milk, eggs, fish, tofu and other food take, or simply with milk or soy milk with the take. In this way, the absorption will be sufficient and the DHA will not be wasted.